Newbie Programming Resources

Here are some useful resources for folk new to programming

Tonight I asked the internet for recommendations on newbie friendly programming books and resources, and the internet obliged me with some excellent suggestions :-)

I just wanted to record these here for later review.

If you would like to contribute, I am looking for books that assume no prior knowledge and could teach a person the basics of programming. I am rubbish at recommending this type of stuff because the books I have read recently all assume some level of knowledge at some point. Please contact me!

@tosbourn Heard John Duckett has good books. @Codecademy is also great (that's what I'm using)!
Heather YamadaHosley (@Curious_Heather) November 27, 2013
@tosbourn For iOS there is: iOS Apprentice series: Stephen Kochan’s Objective-C book -
Ian Robinson (@IanRobinson) November 27, 2013
@tosbourn Also the Kevin McNeish iOS books. Get the iBook versions
Ian Robinson (@IanRobinson) November 27, 2013
@tosbourn You’ve got this far. I wouldn’t bother!
Aaron Pollock (@vduglued) November 27, 2013

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