Our hardware and software setup

Here is a writeup of the hardware and software we use on a daily basis. Updated for 2021.

Something I thought would be fun to talk about is the hardware and software that Elaine and I use on a daily basis to do our work.

This list will likely change over time and we aren’t passing judgement by either saying something is the best if we’re using it, or something we aren’t using isn’t good.

The list doesn’t include things we use specifically for certain clients, for example some clients like to chat on Zoom, but that isn’t part of our day-to-day workflow.


Here are the physical things we use to do our job:


Here are the non-physical things we use to do our job:

  • Elaine uses VS Code as her text editor of choice
  • Toby uses TextMate as his text editor of choice
  • we use Slack to communicate
  • for email we both use Apple Mail, our company email is with Google
  • we do our accountancy using the Crunch web client
  • we both use CleanMyMac to keep our machines running smoothly
  • we backup with iCloud
  • we share files with both iCloud and Google Drive
  • Toby uses Omnifocus for his task management
  • Toby uses TextExpander to store links and stock replies to things
  • we both use Apple Music for listening to tunes whilst we work

Changes since the 2019

Before updating this article in August 2021, Elaine was using Atom as a text editor and I was using RubyMine. We no longer use BackBlaze, using Apple’s iCloud storage instead, which we also use in place of Dropbox.

It is interesting how few things have actually changed in our setup, especially since as part of our quarterly meetings we check in to see if there is anything about our setup we should improve or change.

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