Mac Apps I use to stay productive

Here is a list of useful apps I use for Mac which help my productivity

These are some notes for a workshop I am giving on Mac productivity tools. These cover the main Mac apps that I use day to day that I would loosely describe as productivity apps.

There are other apps I use in productive ways (for example, I use the default Mail app on MacOS, and practice things like inbox-zero, but I wouldn’t call Mail a productivity app)


Omnifocus is my todo application of choice it is by far the most powerful thing I have used and has had the biggest impact on my productivity.

I try and adhere to the main tenants of the GTD approach to staying productive and I find that Omnifocus is setup in the best way possible for me.

I have written more about Omnifocus in an article called, originally enough, how I use Omnifocus


TextExpander is an amazing tool, you predefine words, phrases or entire templates that you use over and over and set up a phrase to represent them. For example tgmail for me translates to in any text app. Likewise if I want some dummy text I type llorem and get;

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Mauris sollicitudin laoreet felis, tincidunt ultricies odio laoreet ac. Vestibulum porta euismod sapien, a blandit nisi congue id. Pellentesque feugiat orci nec tellus consequat consequat. Nullam sit amet quam cursus leo vulputate mollis feugiat nec elit. Integer neque eros, sagittis euismod malesuada eu, congue eu sapien. Quisque pharetra pharetra dolor get tempus. Vivamus fermentum, enim get lacinia hendrerit, est quam aliquam mi, sit amet convallis metus metus sit amet leo. Curabitur sed metus massa.

I have a full review of TextExpander if you care to read it.

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