Custom Routing of Github emails

You can update your email preferences on a per organisation basis in Github

Like most people I use my personal Github account for work projects and for projects where I am contributing as part of an organisation of people.

One thing I have never loved is that if I was subscribed to an issue or a repository that I would get emails to my personal email.

I don’t check my personal email regularly throughout the working day so I would often miss things. Likewise I don’t like my personal email being cluttered up with something I might not necessarily want to think about when I am checking personal mail.

Custom Routing of Github Emails

Luckily there is a solution.

  • Set up all the emails you want to associate with your Github account, you do so in the email settings page.
  • Confirm any email addresses you have added. You will receive an email with a link to click on.
  • Go to the notifications settings page and for each organisation you are a member of, set the email address you wish to receive emails from. You will see these options under Custom Routing.

I am much happier now I have changed these settings.

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