SetApp: Learn what SetApp is and how to use SetApp

The first in a series all about the SetApp service and some of the applications within it.

In this series, we’re going to be going over a service called SetApp. In this article, I want to cover some high-level details about what SetApp is and answer some common questions.

What is SetApp?

SetApp is a subscription service which allows you to download what are normally paid apps from their specialised app store.

I’ve been a longtime user of Clean My Mac which is how I found out about SetApp and have used both the service and many of the apps held within it for several years.

In this series of posts, I’m going to talk a little about SetApp as a service, and why I think it is worth your money if you are a freelancer or creative who completes a wide range of tasks on your Mac.

How to use SetApp

Once you have bought a subscription and downloaded their main application, you will see it functions like an app store. You can browse and search applications (some of which I will be reviewing later in this series) and any you like the look of you can download.

Once downloaded the applications work as if they were downloaded from any other source, just regular apps on your computer.

What apps does SetApp have?

By my count, there are over 240 Mac OS apps on SetApp. Their website boasts 230+ but I’m not sure how often that figure gets updated.

Is SetApp only for Mac?

SetApp was initially set up for Mac OS only, then at some point, they opened up an iPhone area, filled with apps that work across both. I personally only use the Mac OS side.

Is SetApp safe?

Yes. Whilst Apple would prefer everyone use their app store, downloading applications from SetApp is safe. Many of these apps are available through the official app store at a cost, so have gone through Apple’s security procedures.

If you’d like to be especially cautious, you can check the creator’s website and independent reviews to ensure you are downloading something legit.

Soon we will post up the next part of the series, where I talk about the applications I specifically use SetApp for.

This article is a part of the "SetApp" series

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