Heron Joinery

Heron Joinery is renowned for creating the finest bespoke timber doors and windows.

Heron Joinery is renowned for creating the finest bespoke timber doors and windows. They offer a fabulous range of 14 stylish windows and doors. Whether you’re a private homeowner looking for beauty and warmth or an architect specialising in conservation, they can tailor each product to meet your needs. You ask - they deliver!

Web Development

Heron approached us to help bring the designs they had for their new website to life.

We worked closely with the designer and came up with a solution that was easy for them to administer and was visually appealing to their website visitors.

For this we decided to go with WordPress. The WordPress CMS is easy for someone to learn and update themselves, and the community contributed plugins meant we were able to get all the functionality they required made quickly.

Keeping the site up to date is made easier by WordPress' plugin and update systems.

An interesting challenge with this website was marrying up business requirements (legal documents that are required by a small subset of people to be available) to the user-centric approach they wanted to take. 90% of the users didn't need access to these documents.

Tech Stack

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the technologies we've used in order to help Heron Joinery;

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