Join the Anthony Nolan Register

I joined the Anthony Nolan Register and I think you should too

I recently joined the Anthony Nolan register and if you are in the UK I think you should too!

This register is what gets used if people desperately need some bone marrow, you know, so they don’t die.

I was introduced to it by Elaine, I knew such a thing existed but I never sought to look it out or join it. After doing some reading up (and her explaining that the donation is in no way as big a deal as I was making it) I decided that the minimal inconvenience it would have on me should I be called up coupled with the huge effect it would have on someone else was just too large to pass up.

Anthony Nolan

Anthony Nolan provide matches for people who need stem cells to help them battle blood cancers (such as Leukaemia). They also do a lot of campaigning and outreach work.

Here is some blurb from their website;

It all starts with spit, or a little bit of blood. And thanks to the generosity of our donors, the new mums, the great minds in our labs, and the selflessness of our supporters, it can end with someone’s life being saved.

How to join the Anthony Nolan Register

You apply on their website, they get back to you with any follow up, if you are a good fit for the register they send you out a spit collecting kit. You send that back and that is it!

Join and Share!

If you did join after reading this post, please do let me know, that would be so amazing.

Even if it isn’t for you, I would really appreciate it if you could hit a couple of those sharing buttons below!

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