Need something smaller?

We're more than happy to take on 1 day of work as we are 3 months worth of work

Not all work is created equal, and the notion of two-week sprints doesn’t work for all problems. We will never charge you for days you don’t need.

Like any tool, we prefer to use what is best suited for the job at hand. This is why, unlike many companies, we’re happy to take on work on a per-day basis.

Our team is small by design, so we have the flexibility to take on smaller bodies of work.

Smaller work we’ve completed

Here is an example of some of the smaller (less than two weeks) work we have completed for clients.

We try to work in units of 1 day. Even for more extensive work, we will quote based on the number of days, not the number of weeks.

Sprints have their place

Even though we quote per day doesn’t mean we are anti-sprint; there is merit to planning out bodies of work to fit within a given period; however, development is messy and full of learning. As soon as one task is complete, we may learn something new, which impacts other work.

When we work with you, we will discuss what rituals and cadences will work best for you and your team.

Some clients prefer very informal catchups over Slack; others favour formal sprint planning and standups. Either can work regardless of the size of the task.

What if the task is tiny?

What if the immediate thing to do is fixing a typo on a button? Something that should take minutes, not days, to improve?

Our smallest unit of work is a day, and there is always some time required to get the project running on our side and get all the access we need.

We’d be happy to make suggestions about how best we could use the rest of the time if the initial task is a tiny one.

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