We can help you hire Ruby developers

We've helped companies grow their Ruby development teams

Hiring Ruby developers is hard. We can help.

For years we have helped companies grow their development teams. If you are in the process of making your first Ruby hires, we can help set your team and candidates up for success.

We can help make sure your job ad accurately reflects what you need all the way to helping onboard a successful candidate.

Below we cover where we have added value in the past, but we know that this isn’t the type of thing you can neatly package up. If you’re hiring Ruby developers and want some help, contact us.

Speccing out the job ad

How you word your job ad will have a tremendous impact on the type of people applying. We can help you write inclusive and accessible job ads that accurately reflect the work you are hiring for.

A well-worded job ad can make sure you get relevant applicants without excluding potentially excellent hires.

Reviewing tech tests

A standard part of an interview process is having a candidate complete a tech test.

We can help review the tests you are setting, ensuring they are appropriate for the level of developer you want and that they accurately reflect the work they are likely to be doing.

We can also help review the results of these tests, freeing up your development team to continue with their day-to-day work.

CV Review

Reading technical CVs can be time-consuming, and it is easy to miss details that can help inform later stages of the interview process. We can apply our decades of experience to understand what a candidates’ background could mean for your company. Helping to quickly sift through the applications and come up with a shortlist of promising candidates.


Interviewing can take up a lot of development time, and whilst it is vital that the team feel a part of the process, it is impractical to take developers off their main work for long periods.

We can help interview candidates and help lend a technical ear to what they have to say. We’ve interviewed for junior development roles right up to CTO-level hires.

Setting your application up for success

We work with many companies hiring their first developer, often with an existing codebase that no one has maintained. Adjacent to the hiring work, we can perform maintenance on your Ruby application to ensure that a successful candidate joining the team can feel productive from the outset.

Our Rails Maintenance page goes into more detail about what we offer.

Filling gaps

Hiring can take a lot of time, and many candidates will have a month or more notice to work. Depending on your reason for hiring, you might need contractors to plug the gap and keep your project running along until a permanent member of staff takes over. We’re happy to quote to provide this type of support.

Hiring external agencies

Hiring doesn’t always have to be for permanent staff members; it can also mean contractors or external agencies. In the past, we’ve helped by sitting in on conversations with potential external agencies and making sure that what they offer is what you need. We can help you avoid getting oversold packages of work you don’t need.


The costs involved will depend on how much involvement is needed and over what time. We work on a day-rate basis and can be flexible about how we split up our time. We are based in the UK and will only interview candidates during core working hours.

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