Snook are a design agency based in Glasgow and London. They design products, services for government and third sector companies

Snook are a design agency working for some of the largest government departments and local councils across Great Britian. We worked with them to help build out their development offering.

Interim Tech Lead

We worked with Snook for a little over three months to provide our interim tech leadership. During that time Toby was fulled embedded in their team, working on a mixture of internal and external projects.

Some of the projects we worked on included:

  • Helping to hire senior members of the team
  • Open sourcing some previously completed work
  • Helping with new work pitches, both in responses to tender and attending pitch sessions
  • Delivering a working Beta CMS product for DCMS
  • Started to set a more robust development culture within the organisation
  • Led the technical aspects of a digital transformation piece for Social Care Wales

Client Testimonials

By the time I joined Snook, Toby had helped shape the digital team practice around Agile and ways of working on multidisciplinary teams, which was new to a lot of folks. I only heard great feedback about people's experience working with Toby – how inspiring and humble he is as a leader.

I very much appreciated how he championed iterative ways of working, breaking down development tasks into simple stories, ensuring quality, and establishing trust with the team and clients. I worked with Toby to develop a skills rubric for developers to help with career progression, assessing where the team is at and establishing a way forward. He also helped me interview developers to build out the team. It was effortless working with Toby, it felt like we had been working together for a long time, but we haven't actually met in person!

Aly Blenkin, Head of Digital

Tech Stack

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the technologies we've used in order to help Snook;

  • Ruby on Rails

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