Come play Codewars with me

Codewars is a great tool for learning fundamentals, you should try it out

Codewars is a fun way to learn the fundamentals of several different programming languages by completing small atomic tasks.


The challenges range from fairly dry maths questions to hugely elaborate stories where your code will provide the solution the hero needs!

8 kyu is the easiest level and the majority of these will teach you the core principals and structures of the language you’re learning.

By 1 kyu you will be tackling larger computer science style programs in your chosen language.

Many of the challenges (called Katas) are written in more than one language. One thing I enjoy doing is solving a problem in one language and then seeing how I would implement it differently in another one.


Learning like this is really fun, because you are not working on a project with additional issues you are able to focus your mind on the smaller problems. This can really help you understand how a language works and how to think/write the solutions cleanly.

One of the most enjoyable parts, for me at least, is seeing other people’s answers to the kata you’ve just completed. I like to take time to consider why someone has completed the kata a certain way and see if it has merit. Many times I’ve learned a new method, or at least a new use for a method by reading these additional solutions.


I haven’t done this yet but the questions are all community based and you can take part in creating your own or contributing to existing questions. I think this would be a fun thing to do after I have progressed some more within the site.

Come play!

Enough reading, start coding!

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