Doubling Down on Recurring Revenue

A short article on why I am going to double down on recurring revenue as ways to make money

As I write this I am sitting in Orlando International Airport, waiting on my flight back to London after have an amazing fortnight at Disney World celebrating Elaine’s birthday.

During the holiday I had almost all my notifications turned off and had an out of office set up. One thing I had forgot to turn off were notifications from Stripe and PayPal for money coming in as a result of someone paying for football betting tips.

One thing I enjoyed was getting the regular pings to remind me that I was still making money whilst I was waiting in line to meet Mickey Mouse or riding on the Tower of Terror.

Right now the majority of the money I make per month comes from consulting and of course while I was away I couldn’t do any of that. I had planned this holiday well in advance, including budgeting for the fact I wouldn’t make making much money in January as a result of this trip, so I am not worried that the numbers will look a little smaller this month, if I had suddenly taken ill or had a family emergency to attend to for a couple of weeks this would be a different story.

The one thing I could semi-predictably rely on is my recurring revenue from both The Footy Tipster and advertising on my various websites. I say semi-predictably because the amount made per month has some fluctuation and I couldn’t not update these websites for several months and assume I will be making the same amount of money.

I will take semi-predictable revenue over no revenue any day of the week.

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