Fixing Issues with GitHub Actions and Rails

How I went about fixing some issues with a first push of GitHub Actions on a Rails project

When adding a GitHub Action to a new Ruby on Rails project to run my code test and quality tools when pushing the code to GitHub the Action was failing with the message failed with exit code 16 after trying to bundle the Gems.

So I needed to add a new platform to my lockfile:

bundle lock --add-platform x86_64-linux

and then commit and push this code back up to GitHub.

This then brought me up some new errors:

  • Process completed with exit code 126.
  • Process completed with exit code 127.

This was to do with permissions to my bin files (also ensure that you have the appropriate bin files that you require for what you are trying to run i.e. bundler-audit). So I just needed to allow permission to those files by running:

chmod +x bin/*

and then commit and push this code back up to GitHub.


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