Lead Developer Conference Reading List

My Reading list have the Lead Developer Conference in London recently

As is always the case with great conferences, I leave with an even bigger reading list than I had pre-conference. The Lead Developer Conference in London this year was no exception.

Here are all the books that I managed to jot down that were mentioned during the talks, I am sure I missed some.

All links are to UK versions of websites when appropriate, the majority are available worldwide in digital formats.

Reading List

Each of the sections below are split between the various talks that included book references.

Patrick Kua – What I Wish I knew as a first time tech lead

Heidi Waterhouse – Seven Righteous Fights & Melinda Seckington – How to Succeed at hiring without really trying

Dan North – How to make a Sandwich

Duretti Hirpa – How to get engineering teams to eat their vegetables

Michael Lopp – Leadership. By the Numbers

Yan Cui – Tour of Language Landscape

Gil Zellner – How to not burn out your monitoring team

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