Nobody Will Train You But You - A talk by Zach Briggs

Here are some thoughts on a talk I watched by Zach Briggs

I have to say I really enjoyed this video, it is a talk given by Zach Briggs at Rails Conf 2013 about how he went from not knowing Ruby to knowing enough to give a talk at Rails Conf in a very small period of time.

Don't let the fact it is Ruby put you off, the same techniques he talks about apply to pretty much any language.

I don't want to give all the content of his talk away (it is only 30 minutes long, you should make time to watch it) but the two biggest takeaways for me were;

  • Own your Google Results - Every time you have to search for something on Google, make a note of it along with the result and take time to review this at a later date in an attempt to commit it to memory.
  • Take time to memorise things - I thought it was very interesting that he took a tutorial and watched it so many times that he could commit it to memory, I think this makes the difference between being able to recall something immediately and between having to think, like "Oh, yeah, I seen a video once, I think the model should call this object" or whatever.

Anyway, this was a great talk and well worth a watch.

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