Resources for making your website pay for itself

Here are a list of resources which will help when getting your website to pay for itself

Here are some resources I have found have found useful on the subject of making money online. Since links in books are annoying I have decided to make this page so you can access all the links a little easier!

Books / Podcasts / Tools I would recommend

  • Smart Passive Income - A blog and podcast on the topic of making money online, Pat Flynn is a very smart man and is worth listening to.
  • Startups for the rest of us - A podcast dedicated to the startup world focused almost entirely on creating digital products and websites to make money.
  • The Profitable Side Project - To quote from the page “In my practical new book, I’ll help you to get started and throughout all stages of the launch of your own revenue generating side project.”
  • Hit Tail - A great service that helps you work out what would be the most beneficial content to write about in order to generate some long tail traffic.
  • SEO Trends – A great rundown of SEO trends in 2018

Things I have created to help folk

  • This very page! Please share it with anyone you think it would help (reading the book is in no way a prerequisite!!)
  • Spreadsheet - for calculating money in / money out in your website.

Other links mentioned in the book

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