Review: Node.js Blueprints

Here's my thoughts on Node.js Blueprints by Krasimir Tsonev

Node.js BlueprintsRecently I had a chance to read Node.js Blueprints, this was timely because for a long time I have wanted  to get better at Node.js.

I grabbed the Kindle edition, which is pretty much how I read all my books now.

Node.js Blueprints - The title and subtitle

The first thing that struct me was the name, I have no idea what a Blueprint means in this context, perhaps I am missing something!

The subtitle kind of confused me too "Develop stunning web and desktop applications with the definitive Node.js" - I am not quite sure what makes Node.js definitive!

Node.js Blueprints - Content

One of the things that drew me to this book was the breadth of information it promises to cover, I won't go over absolutely everything in this review but some of the chapters include;

  • Developing a basic site with Node.js and Express
  • Making a Blog with Node.js and AngularJS
  • Using Node.js as a Command-line Tool
  • Writing a REST API
  • Developing Desktop Apps with Node.js

All great stuff, and like I say there is plenty more including using Grunt, Backbone, and Ember (not all at the same time!)

Not for JavaScript beginners

Node.js Blueprints states up front that this is a book for intermediate developers and assumes some prior knowledge with working with JavaScript

My thoughts on Node.js Blueprints

I learned an absolute shedload reading this book, it was incredibly clear and covered all of the angles that I would want from a Node.js book.

As well as a load of Node.js knowledge I also found out about DalekJS, which is automated cross-browser testing with JavaScript.

My one criticism would be that given how things like Ember, Backbone, Angular et al are in constant active development I think using so many different external frameworks to Node might date this book a lot sooner than it should.


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