Review: Raspberry Pi Server Essentials

Here's my review of Raspberry Pi Server Essentials by Piotr Kula

Raspberry Pi Server Essentials book cover

This is now the third Raspberry Pi book I have reviewed, I feel like I am becoming a bit of an expert!

Raspberry Pi Server Essentials, written by Piotr Kula focuses on taking your Pi and treating it like various types of server, for example a Web Server, a Media Server, a Game Server, things like that.

The 'essentials' part of the title eludes to how in depth we go into each of these servers, not very - which for a short book is 100%. I was able to read through this book in a very small space of time, which again I like!

At times when reading it I kind of felt like the projects weren't necessarily Pi specific, but you could do them on a Pi. At the end of the day the Raspberry Pi's operating system is just Linux so this does make sense but if I am going to buy a book on cool server stuff to do with my Pi, I would rather it be about things that are uniquely suited to such a small machine.

It is very clear from reading this book that Piotr knows what he is talking about, when he does dig deep he writes in a way that only an expert of the subject matter could write.

I would recommend this book to someone who maybe has a Pi and it thinking of quick and easy things they could use it for.

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