How we helped Bonzai Event Ticketing

Ongoing CTO and development work for Bonzai, London.

Bonzai - Simplifying event badging with a powerful check-in manager. We created the web app.

CTO and Web Development

Bonzai needed some technical direction to help make sure the iOS, OSx, Web and API parts of the system all work well together. It also needed someone to maintain the backend of the system. We've been able to do both of these things.

Bonzai needs to be able to handle checking in people in multiple stations in real time, and has been able to cope with events as large as 10,000 attendees.

The backend of Bonzai is written in Ruby on Rails, which allows us to maintain the user admin, business admin, sales pages, and API all in one codebase.

More recently we've built out a mobile optimised application for sponsors to be able to scan leads at events, allowing interested parties to exchange information more easily.

Tech Stack

Some of the technologies we used to help Bonzai Event Ticketing;

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