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We did our first bit of PR, here is how it went

You might have seen us in the papers recently celebrating the work we’re doing with Camden Council. We tweeted about it and shared it on LinkedIn.

The Irish News, the Newsletter, the Belfast Telegraph and others all covered our story. None of this would be possible without the great work of KellyPR.

Doing PR wasn’t something on our radar, but we’ve been getting some business mentoring from Lydia McClelland, and she had mentioned KellyPR in passing as an excellent PR company. Wanting to learn more, I set up a call, and the consensus was there was a story that may be of interest to the media.

Elaine and Toby sitting in front of two computer monitors, both smiling
This is my favourite of the photographs we took because it has an unplanned subliminal "Rails developers available for hire" message in the background.

The PR process

The process was incredibly painless, so much so that we’re keeping an eye out for something we can work together on in the future.

I’m sure if you’re a larger company with more moving parts, there might be more work involved, but for us, the process was;

  • We had a chat about our background and some specifics of the work we wanted to promote
  • We asked Camden for a quote (thanks Louise!)
  • We took some professional photos (apparently Disney holiday pics don’t cut it)
  • Teri from KellyPR wrote up the story and sent it over for approval
  • Once approved, they waited until they felt it would be an excellent time to have an impact with news outlets and started the process
  • They fed back anytime we were covered in something
  • Once the bulk of the news outlets had got back, we received a final report highlighting where we got covered

The outcomes

The primary purpose for us wanting some PR was to help establish the company back in Northern Ireland. We formed tosbourn ltd when we lived in London, and the majority of our clients and contacts are there.

With that in mind, we knew that PR wasn’t going to lead to an inundation of emails and sales requests; it was more to leave a paper trail that links us as a Northern Irish business. We certainly can say it did that. Being covered in three of the most well-known news outlets in Northern Ireland can’t be a bad thing. I also had to spend some time replying to random messages from folk who read the coverage, so undoubtedly, people read the stories.

PR is more accessible than I imagined

Going into this I thought that PR was only for massive companies who could afford the fees and the time. What I quickly learned was this was not the case. It is way more accessible than I thought it was going to be.

We’re more than happy to recommend KellyPR if you’re a Northern Irish company with a story to tell.

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