Custom Startup Messages on Slack

How to set a custom start up message on your team's Slack channel. Part of our Slack mini series

So you’re a team admin or owner and you want to give your team a little bit of inspiration. What about a lovely message when they first boot up Slack?

You may have noticed when you start up Slack you may see an inspirational quote, like this:

Start up screen from Slack app, text reads "Have a great day at work today. - Your friends at Slack"

You can set your own if you are an admin or owner.

Click on the channel name, then Customise Slack.

Sidebar menu from Slack app, showing different options, one option being Customise Slack

This will open up your web browser on a page called Customise Your Workspace. Along the menu at the top you will see an option Loading Messages, click on this. In this screen you have an input box for adding your message. Add whatever you like here. Messages have to be under 150 characters. They also are seen by everyone in the team so be careful what you say. They are also attributed to you.

Text input on the web site for making custom loading messages

At the bottom of this page you can also chose an option to just have generic (but I’m sure lovely) messages from the Slack team.

Loading window of Slack app, text reads "You're not working hard enough! - kittysquee"

This is part of our Slack mini series, where we quickly explain simple and more advanced Slack features. Excellent for beginners or if you just need a quick refresher.

If there is a feature you would like us to cover please drop us an email or tweet.

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