Slack Mini Series

This is our Slack mini series, where we quickly explain simple and more advanced Slack features. Excellent for beginners or if you just need a quick refresher.

Some Definitions

  • Slack Team – Think of this like an organisation, you are invited into organisations and have a unique profile in them all.
  • Channel – Think of this like a room or an area, normally Channels have a specific purpose, so maybe around a particular project or feature.
  • DM – A direct message. This is a message shared between you and one other person, no one else will be able to read it.

If there is a feature you would like us to cover please drop us an email or tweet.

  1. Syntax Highlighting on Slack
  2. Making a Channel on Slack
  3. Formatting on Slack
  4. Shrugging on Slack
  5. Setting Your Status on Slack
  6. Making Custom Emojis on Slack
  7. Accessibility Options on Slack
  8. Setting Reminders on Slack
  9. Slack Shortcuts