One of the most useful features for me on Slack is being able to set reminders. When I’m in a rush or I’m out, it’s a super quick way to, ahem, remind me of things.

I am now going to detail some of the ways in which you can use Slack reminders. You do this like you would with any conversation with a team member. Simply type /remind into the text input box and a little prompt box will appear like this:

Slack remind pop up prompt

This will give you hint as to how to format the reminder so it works on Slack. The way I would generally format a reminder to myself is /remind me I need to tell people about awesome Slack reminders at 14:00. So to break that down,

  • /remind to let Slack know you’d like to set a reminder.
  • me to let Slack know who the reminder is for. You can also set reminders for other members of a channel by using @otherperson or you can set a reminder for an entire channel by using #channelname (you have to be in the channel first).
  • I need to tell people about awesome Slack reminders this is the message that you want to send with your reminder.
  • at 14:00 this is the time that you will be reminded. You can format this either using 24 hour clock (14:00) or 12 hour clock (2pm).

You can also set reminders at intervals. So instead of saying at 14:00, you could say at 14:00 every Tuesday or at 14:00 every weekday. If you select everyday instead of specifying a time, this will default to send you a reminder at 09:00 everyday.

What if you need to remind yourself of your reminders?! Slack has got your back! If you type /remind list into Slack, it will give you a list of all your upcoming reminders, split into Upcoming and Recurring. This option is particularly useful as you can mark a reminder as complete, if you had already gotten to it or you can delete a reminder (useful for those recurring reminders!).