365 Articles in 2015

My attempt at averaging writing an article per day in 2015

Something I really let go to pot in 2014 was the amount that I wrote online. I enjoy writing and want to try and force myself to do more of it. This is why in 2015 I am going to attempt to commit to writing 365 articles. Here are the rules.

** Edit. This is now over **

** Edit. Some links have been removed since the content has since been either removed or reworked **

My Arbitrary Rules for this Arbitrary Goal

  • It isn’t an article a day, I could have days without any and suddenly five appear at once.
  • They don’t have to be all on my blog, in fact I will be contacting people to try and get guest posts and will be writing more on other sites I already contribute to.
  • They don’t have to appear on a blog at all, so long as they are publicly accessible it will count (for example I might do longer Ello posts, or something like that).
  • Each article should be at least 300 words, this is to stop me writing really quick updates and hopefully means the articles have substance.  (This means that if all goes well I will have written over 109500 words by the end of this, pretty cool!)
  • The content can be pretty much anything, it will likely stay within the confines of what I normally write about but we shall see!
  • I can ignore any of the above rules should I decide to.

Keeping up to date with my progress

At the bottom of this post I will keep a running tally of all the articles, this will likely be updated once a week or so, if you don’t see it being updated as often as you think please do give me a poke and let me know!

Do you run a site?

If you run a site and would be interested in having me write something for you please drop me an email. As well as getting free content without an agenda I will be linking to it here and other places.

The Articles

I made it 34% of the way through my task before I decided to stop.

  1. You are reading the very first article at the moment
  2. A recap of 2014 on The Footy Tipster
  3. My Ello New Year Resolutions
  4. Imagine your RAM was erroring
  5. My Blog Post Guide
  6. My Review of Veins (book)
  7. Me talking about Backblaze
  8. Gender Neutral Swear Words
  9. Review: A Web for Everyone
  10. Every Developer makes mistakes all of the time
  11. A writeup of Francis Davey’s talk on Law for Startups.
  12. What the <header> element can be used for
  13. My Birthday Haul
  14. What every web developer should know about SEO
  15. Great iPhone games to play on the toilet
  16. How I am using Omnifocus
  17. Top football memes of 2014
  18. SEO and Accessibility are tightly linked
  19. Some quick semantic wins
  20. Some stumbling blocks I hit following my first Swift tutorial
  21. How you should properly caption an image in HTML
  22. A way to view Markdown files in your terminal
  23. Some of my notes from Seneca’s On the Shortness of Life
  24. Making an app in an hour with Meteor and Heroku
  25. Interview with Chris from MongoGoal
  26. The case for accessible web design
  27. My time at Buffer wasn’t great
  28. Divs still have their place
  29. Useful resources for content generation ideas
  30. My thoughts on the latest TechHubTuesday
  31. My research into Hearthstone APIs
  32. Some great places to get football news
  33. Please don’t actually use retweet/favourite polls on Twitter
  34. The best new fish & chip shops in London
  35. Why web developers should be using version control
  36. Set Intersection in Ruby
  37. The difference between Asian and European handicap betting
  38. Why The Footy Tipster doesn’t give out free trials
  39. Selling Vintage Belfast
  40. Beginners Guide to ARIA
  41. About section for CreepedIn
  42. Writing about CreepedIn
  43. Using Monodraw for making fun tweets
  44. Rails migrations for beginners
  45. My thoughts on Facebook’s Anonymous Login
  46. CSS last-of-type
  47. My first email out to subscribers
  48. Good Habits for Student Developers – Part 1 – Backups
  49. Squash a BR inside ContentEditable
  50. How the technical direction of a project can be influenced
  51. Great Football Twitter accounts to follow
  52. What I would look for in a Junior developer
  53. My thoughts on Refactoring large applications without tests
  54. A quick way to create an iOS application with Meteor
  55. POODIR on testing
  56. My post on Time Keeping
  57. Picking the right online bookmakers
  58. Getting Money out of Uganda
  59. Ruby’s Enumerable Partition
  60. Patrick Jubb – Re-building the Marketing Department to be Fit for the Future
  61. Robert Wint – Using Content to Improve the Customer Journey
  62. Ana Serrano – Digital Transformation & Continuous Innovation: the CDO’s Two Paths to Success
  63. Martin Trickey – Do we Tell Stories Differently Now?
  64. Kerensa Samanidis - Breaking in to the online video market
  65. Amanda Neylon – The Importance of Focusing on Social Strategy
  66. Mark Elkins – From Passion to Purchase: Coca-Cola’s Digital Revolution
  67. My writeup of day one of the Chief Digital Officer Summmit
  68. Another writeup on the CDO Summit
  69. Katrina Owen presenting Here be Dragons
  70. Updating a slug on a live Rails system
  71. A pragmatic approach to adding Schema to your website
  72. An about page on an SEO based project
  73. Good Habits for Student Developers – Documented
  74. My First ever Screencast :-)
  75. An image laden post I made about football memories
  76. How to post to little logs from your terminal
  77. I love Programming
  78. A way I sped up my internet on the mac
  79. Getting good team information
  80. iPhone photos not freeing up space when deleted
  81. Never assume your wage is safe
  82. Webcam / Photo Booth Library fun!
  83. Knowing if you have a gambling problem
  84. Facebook killing my page rant
  85. Deleting Attachments with rails_admin
  86. Some iTerm tricks
  87. Custom Routing of Github Emails
  88. I wonder aloud what a Proc is
  89. What a Developer can take away from SEO Now 2015
  90. Adding Descriptions to Pages with Jekyll
  91. My review of Scrutiny5
  92. HTTP Status Codes for SEO
  93. Getting HTTP Status Codes from the command line
  94. Hiding the doc for fun and profit!
  95. Upping the tracking speed on your mouse
  96. Some of my favourite Mac Shortcuts
  97. Mac Apps I use to stay productive
  98. A stupid post on vasectomies
  99. The quality of input and output
  100. Mastering your Tools
  101. My iPhone is pretty much my main content generating computer now
  102. A short plee for questions for TheFootyTipster
  103. I ponder out loud about the future of football betting
  104. The difference between Render and Redirect in Rails
  105. Tracking Ctrl+F clicks in Google Analytics
  106. Checking for both versions of the GA tracking code in JavaScript
  107. A quick experiment I did in highlighting words with JavaScript
  108. Uploading files with Capybara for Rspec
  109. Join the Anthony Nolan Register
  110. The key codes for the command key on Mac keyboards
  111. An interview with Ian on how he feels the football is going this year
  112. Calling time on this project

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